• Metallized Lensed Fiber for Highly Coupling

  • Metallized Lensed Fiber is first coated with a layer of nickel to provide superior adhesion and a stable soldering base. The fiber is then plated with an overcoat layer of gold to provide resistance to oxidization. Also using different fine lens tip shaping techniques, the surface is treated by planar or spherical finishing, optionally the tip was coated with thin film layer. The result is a strong, uniform coating capable of handling the rigors of soldering and hermetic sealing.

    Photonstream metallized fibers are well suited for use in assemblies that must conform to Telcordia requirements. If required,  our metallized fibers can be manufactured with masked ends. Photonstream metallized fibers are available with Single mode, Multi mode, PM fibers.

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  •    ◆  Fiber Features 

    • Singlemode, multimode, or polarization maintaining fibers 

    • Easy to solder 

    • Cleaved enfaces available 

    • Unplated (masked) ends available 

    • Mid-span plating available 

    • Designed to meet Telcordia requirements 

    • Large volume manufacturing capacity • Custom configurations available

       ◆  Product Application     

    • Hermetic feed-throughs 

    • Integrated optics packaging 

    • Diode pigtailing

    • DFB laser diode fiber tail coupling

    • Fiber to waveguide coupling

    • Medical and biological illumination applications

       ◆  Product parameter     
    Fiber TypeSingle mode fiber, multi mode fiber, PM fiber, specific fiber
    Lens Radius R7+/-1um;Customer Specified
    Fiber Stripped Lenght20+/-5mm
    Taper Angle 75+/-5°
    MetallizationChemivsl plating Ni, Au, metalized length:20mm
    Coating Parameter

    AR Coating, R<0.5%@780-1000nm;Customer Specified.

    ◆ Product outline      


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