• Biconical Optical Lensed Fiber
  • Photonstream offers unique lensed and tapered lensed fiber for optical coupling like waveguides, optical fibers, and diode lasers. Our biconical optical lensed fibers can be integrated with scanning probe microscopes and thus can be used for imaging and nanomanipulation. The lensed fibers are produced by using different fine lens tip shaping techniques and the surface is treated by planar or spherical finishing, optionally the tip was coated with thin film layer. 

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  •    ◆  Fiber Type     

    -Single-mode (SM) 

    -Multimode (MM)

    -Polarization maintaining (PM) 

       ◆  Product Application     

    -DFB laser diode fiber tail coupling

    -Fiber to waveguide coupling

    -Medical and biological illumination applications


       ◆  Product Specification    

    Fiber Type: SM,SMF-28, 1550nm, optional

    Fiber Length:1.5 m +/- 10 cm, optional

    Connetor Terminal:FC/APC, optional

    Wedge Lensed Fiber

    Angle to X axis:25°~90°

    Loose Tube: 0.9mm,retain15~20mm distance from the microlens tip

    Acrylate stripped Length: 9mm, cladding 15mm, optional

    Operating wavelength: 1200nm-1600nm, optional

    AR coating: N/A

       ◆  Product Image     
    Lensed Fiber Type

    Real Product Picture

    ParameterProduct application

    Pinnacle Lensed Fiber



      ◆  Pinnacle Tip
      ◆  Conical Angle 60~120°
      ◆  Output Doughnut Far Field

      ◆  SM/MM Fiber Beam expander
      ◆  Endoscope illumination

    Conical Lensed Fiber



      ◆  Spherical Tip
      ◆  Len Radius: 8um ≤ R ≤ 12um
      ◆  Conical Angle 60~120°
      ◆  Output Gauss Far Field
      ◆  DFB laser fiber coupling
      ◆  Work Distance: ~10um
      ◆  DFB Chip Far Field 15~40°(FWHM)
      ◆  WDM In/out fiber tail

    Biconical Lensed Fiber



      ◆  Tapper Angle: 60~120°
      ◆  Output Ellipse FAR Field
      ◆  Fiber Beam expander
      ◆  Endoscope illumination

    Rectangular Lens Fiber



      ◆  Tapper Angle: 60~120°
      ◆  Output rectangular far field

      ◆  Remove cladding light from square core MM fiber

    Wedge Lensed Fiber


    图片10.jpg  ◆  Spherical Tip
      ◆  8° Angle cleaving
      ◆  Len Radius: 8um ≤ R ≤ 12um
      ◆  Conical Angle 60~120°
      ◆  Output Gauss Far Field
      ◆  DFB laser chip optical fiber coupling
      ◆  Low reflection to chip facet
      ◆  Work Distance: ~8um
      ◆  DFB Chip Far Field 15~35°(FWHM)

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